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Third Book Released by NewView Options Company – Helps Writers Craft Engaging Topic Sentences

NewView Options believes there is a famine in the land, in terms of good instruction for writing topic sentences. That’s why they wrote and published their third book on writing, “The Secret DNA of Topic Sentences That Entice Readers”.

NewView Options Goes YouTubing & Gives Free Logins

NewView Options announced today a new video on YouTube that introduces its essay-writing software, NewView Essay Services. Also, NewView Options announced 100 free trial runs or free logins for NewView software, for a limited time.

New IdeaFisher Advertising Software Yields Ad Concepts That Get Above the Noise

Ad agencies can jump-start the creative process & measurably improve results with ad-writing software. ThoughtOffice, the offspring of the popular IdeaFisher Ad Writing Software provides a process for building an ad from start to finish. The software includes a “stream of consciousness” creativity engine that helps explore an ad’s direction, perfect the tone, identify differentiators.