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Third Book Released by NewView Options Company – Helps Writers Craft Engaging Topic Sentences

NewView Options believes there is a famine in the land, in terms of good instruction for writing topic sentences. That’s why they wrote and published their third book on writing, “The Secret DNA of Topic Sentences That Entice Readers”.

NewView Options Goes YouTubing & Gives Free Logins

NewView Options announced today a new video on YouTube that introduces its essay-writing software, NewView Essay Services. Also, NewView Options announced 100 free trial runs or free logins for NewView software, for a limited time.

Rhetoric Can’t Analyze Content of Fiction, While ‘NewView’ DOES Analyze Fiction & Create It

Rhetoric focuses on forms and facts, not fiction. NewView, on the other hand, a system for analyzing and writing essays, can also be used to analyze and create any sort of fiction, such as short stories and novels.

Reading in Crisis, Report Says, Just Like Writing – But ‘NewView’ Has Solution, Says Expert

The author of a new e-book claims only the forms of reading and writing are taught in schools, not newness of content. The NewView Options company offers its new book and new software to help students read and write far better than schools can teach.

Kennedy Book Shows Aristotle’s ‘Rhetoric’ As Deeply Flawed – ‘NewView’ Is Better, Says Expert

George A. Kennedy’s book, On Rhetoric, reveals flaws in Aristotle’s Rhetoric. But all that has been – and still is – ignored by the community of Rhetoric scholars. Further, Rhetoric focuses merely on forms, says expert, while ‘NewView’ principle adds needed content to form.

Rhetoric Ignored & Blocked Progress – but ‘NewView’ Writing Principles Enhance Progress

Those who promote Rhetoric as the system to follow in teaching writing have ignored major scholarship advances on Rhetoric in the Twentieth Century. And historical evidence shows Rhetoric blocked progress in the Roman Empire and was a major part of its fall.

Rhetoric Can’t Handle New Ideas, While ‘NewView’ Thrives on New Ideas, Author Says

Neither modern nor ancient teachers of Rhetoric have ever provided a specific process for creating newness in writing. A new e-book, ‘The Secret DNA of Writing Essays – And Everything Else’, claims to supply such a process for creating new ideas, a system called NewView.

Rhetoric Founders with Fiction – But New Book with ‘NewView’ Analyzes Fiction as Well as Nonfiction

Rhetoric – originally contrived as a set of forms for making speeches for large juries and audiences in ancient Greece – focuses on facts and persuading, not fiction and entertaining. NewView, on the other hand, a system for analyzing and writing essays, can also be used to analyze and write any sort of fiction, including short stories.

Rhetoric Not Credible, Says Expert – NewView Options Provides Creative Alternative to Obsolete Rhetoric

Aristotle’s Rhetoric was based on weak premises, and it is not even the Rhetoric historically taught in classrooms. Writing is creative, and Rhetoric makes no provision for creativity. On the other hand, the NewView system provided by NewView Options does offer a strong framework for creativity.

Rhetoric Followers Want New Rhetoric – NewView Options Provides the Rhetoric of Newness

Many major scholars of Rhetoric have been calling for a New Rhetoric for years because Rhetoric hasn’t panned out well, especially as applied to writing. NewView Options claims to have created an effective Rhetoric of Newness to replace the old, ineffective Rhetoric of forms handed down from ancient Greece.

Rhetoric Lacks Creativity – NewView Writing Method Provides Creative Alternative

Rhetoric has never provided the feature of creativity, only supplying an endless array of forms and genres, as taught in schools. A new e-book, The Secret DNA of Writing Essays – And Everything Else, claims to provide a better alternative for creating new ideas, a system called NewView.

Writing Teachers Ignorant of Rhetoric’s Tradition of Corruption – NewView Options Provides Alternative

Most high school and college freshman teachers of writing are completely ignorant of the tradition of corruption that has surrounded Rhetoric for centuries. A new e-book, The Secret DNA of Writing Essays – And Everything Else, claims to provide a better alternative.