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Perfectionism Just Magnifies Fear of Public Speaking: It’s Just Plain Stupid, Public Speaking Expert Says

Public speaking experts CTRN today released the latest in their series of free online lessons about speaking fear at ConfidentlySpeaking.com. Titled “Perfectionism Is Really Stupid”, the new lesson shows viewers how to flourish when they make mistakes in public speaking.

Public Speaking Phobia – Afraid of Tricky Questions from the Audience? Check on the Questions You’re Asking Yourself

For many occasional public speakers there’s a constant fear of being frozen by a question from the audience. But the questions we ask ourselves internally have a much greater impact, explains stage fright and performance anxiety expert Seymour Segnit.

Go BIG or Go Home! Fear of Public Speaking Expert Says “Fill the Room” and Feel Stage Fright Fall Away

Over half the adult population suffers from fear of public speaking, and most do not know that their stage fright can be quickly overcome. CTRN’s latest quick ‘Confidently Speaking’ video lesson entitled ‘Go BIG or Go Home’ shows a simple method to both improve performance anxiety, and build confidence when speaking.

Overcoming Public Speaking Fear: The Secret is Practicing How You’ll Feel, Not What You’ll Say, Claims Expert

Fear of public speaking can affect almost anyone – but most folk ignore the fact that with stage fright the problem isn’t the ‘stage’, its the ‘fright’. CTRN’s latest Confidently Speaking video blog post teaches a little known technique for overcoming performance anxiety.

Halloween Horror – Top Phobia Website Groans Under 7000% Traffic Spike for Fear of Halloween Phobias

Contrary to common belief, phobias of all kinds can now easily be overcome. Yet every year, the phobia team at CTRN sees a huge spike in traffic for frightful ‘Frankensteinian’ phobias…

Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking: CTRN Cracks Worst Cases Fast

Fear of public speaking is still one of the most debilitating phobias. But for decades, safe techniques that allow accelerated ‘re-tuning’ of an individual’s response to performing in public have been helping people from all walks of life to happily speak in public.

Fear of Public Speaking: Worried about Questions from the Audience? Focus on the Questions You ask Yourself

For many presenters and speakers the fear of being ‘stumped’ by a question from the audience looms large. But the questions we ask ourselves have a far greater impact, explains performance anxiety expert Seymour Segnit.