LiveTime releases iPhone client for Cloud based ITSM Service Desk and Help Desk

LiveTime’s native iPhone client now available for LiveTime Service Manager and Novell Service Desk 6.2 or later. Supports remote, mobile acccess to Cloud (SaaS) and on-premise ITSM Service Desk and Help Desk applications from LiveTime and Novell

CeCOS-V – Global Response to Cybercrime – Kuala Lumpur, April 27-29, 2011

Electronic crime fighters from across the globe will gather in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia this April to attend CeCOS V. Participants will plan the next stage in the global defense against ecrime.

Cybercrime Fighters to Gather at Dublin eCrime Researchers Sync-Up, March 15-16

Electronic crime researchers from academia, industry and law enforcement converge on Dublin March 15-16, 2011, for an unprecedented meet-up of eCrime research pioneers who are defining the emerging discipline of electronic crime research.

Redpark Console Cable Connects iPhone, iPod touch and iPad to Cisco Routers

Console Cable offers Field Engineers a portable and powerful Cisco router management solution.

HELIOS White Paper Details Options for Discontinued Apple Xserve

Demise of Apple Xserve worries admins – HELIOS white paper details migration options. Replication of key Apple technologies such as AFP file and print sharing for Macs, Spotlight search, Bonjour server, Time Machine backups, etc. is handled by HELIOS File Server Bundle, supporting Mac, Windows, and Web clients.

Symantec Helps Enterprises Build Cloud Storage and Manage Data Growth with Scale-Out NAS Appliance

FileStore N8300 Clustered NAS solution offers integrated archiving with Enterprise Vault; enables customers to scale their storage resources in on-premise and cloud environments.

Upcoming HELIOS UB2 Software with Enhanced PDF Support

HELIOS PDF HandShake UB2 integrates enhanced PDF preflight features of callas pdfToolbox 4, adds support for Acrobat Distiller X on Mac and Windows to Create PDF Server, enhances PDF compatibility and preview rendering, and introduces full text searching capabilities.

Want to be an Instant Expert? Ask ThoughtOffice, Get All the Right Questions

255 to 2,213. That’s the number of Expert Questions available from ThoughtOffice. ThoughtOffice is a novel brainstorming application that asks the right questions, and then provides more than 10,000,000 answers. People and groups requiring real-time creative thinking and innovation get immediate solutions using the ThoughtOffice Model.

Redpark Serial Cables for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch Begin Shipping

Redpark Serial Cables for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch now ready to work with iOS app developers that need serial connectivity.

Computer expert hits back at “flawed” UK Government plan to protect children on the Internet

AN EXPERT IN CHILD PROTECTION on the Internet and provider of a safe and simple computer safeguard system has hit back at UK Government plans to block porn access at source as “flawed and badly thought-out”.

What’s the Big Idea? ThoughtOffice Boosts Your Brain Power, Creates New Ideas Fast

The game has changed. There’s a New Normal. To make the most of it, the world needs New Ideas. Fast. To get to those Big Ideas fast, there’s ThoughtOffice Idea Software.

Big Brains for Earth’s Biggest Box – ThoughtOffice on just got a little smarter. ThoughtOffice, the leading brainstorming and innovation software, just became a part of the world’s largest online reseller. The new ThoughtOffice Amazon Store brings one-click shopping and instant fulfillment to innovators worldwide.

ThoughtOffice Blasts Through the 10 Million Thought Bite Barrier – Big Ideas Come From Millions Of Small, Innovation-Laced Packages

ThoughtOffice Corporation announced this week that its namesake brainstorming software has surpassed 10 million available words, keyphrases, images, and more – giving users quick access to the building blocks that stimulate new, creative ideas.

How Do You Develop Killer Ideas? Da Vinci and the 40 Answers Holds The Key – Get Yours Free At

The creative process can be elusive. Is it different from person to person? Can it be learned? Innovation leader Mark Fox’s e-book “Da Vinci and the 40 Answers” tackles the issue, and now it can be downloaded for free from the ThoughtOffice web site.

IdeaFisher Finds A New Home – Accelerates Brainstorming with ThoughtOffice Idea Software

Idea development software has been a fundamental tool for creative professionals for years, ever since the introduction of IdeaFisher, the ground-breaking idea generation program. Now, IdeaFisher gets new life and a new home at

Third Book Released by NewView Options Company – Helps Writers Craft Engaging Topic Sentences

NewView Options believes there is a famine in the land, in terms of good instruction for writing topic sentences. That’s why they wrote and published their third book on writing, “The Secret DNA of Topic Sentences That Entice Readers”.

Full Color Custom Printed Mouse Pads from Mousepad Express

A Custom printed mouse pad, from ‘Mousepad Express’, is the best option, when looking for a low cost desktop promotional gift.

New Free Online Music Game, Instant Jam, Can be Played on Any Web Site, Including Facebook

Online game developer InstantAction has unveiled Instant Jam, first-ever console-quality, online music rhythm game that is embeddable on any web site, and can be played with anyone’s music collection.

Canadian Business Directory CliqueCanada Takes Word of Mouth Advertising into the Online World announces an online business review system that facilitates word of mouth online advertising.

Instant Jam, New Free Online Music Game, Available for Play on Facebook

InstantAction Debuts Instant Jam, first-ever console-quality, online music rhythm game that can be played with your music collection and that is embeddable anywhere on the Web.