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Operation Friendly Ghost: the Ground Zero Show with Clyde Lewis Attempts to Contact the Dead on Halloween

On Sunday October 31st, Halloween night at Zero Hour Pacific time, Clyde Lewis – host of the Ground Zero radio program – along with guests Reed McClintock, David John Oates and Jonathan Burgess will recreate Thomas Edison’s attempt to contact the dead.

Portland, OR – October 29, 2010 (via PressReleasePivot.com) — On Sunday October 31st, Halloween night at Zero Hour Pacific time, Clyde Lewis – host of the Ground Zero radio program – along with guests Reed McClintock, David John Oates and Jonathan Burgess will recreate an experiment in which Thomas Edison attempted to contact the dead in the afterlife.

Using a combined technology of his phonograph, electric light, and DC batteries Edison believed that it was possible to make contact with those who have passed on into the next realm of existence. Edison’s experiment was based on the idea of using certain frequencies pumped into transmitting devices to open a gateway in the ether, which would allow the living to communicate with the dead.

Using modern technology and the help of two powerful radio stations, Clyde Lewis will attempt the same experiment done by Edison more than 80 years ago, LIVE on the air!

The major difference between Clyde’s attempt versus Edison’s approach, is that this time a specially built radio receiver (made by Burgess) capable of scanning a large portion of the radio spectrum, will be fed into the audio chain of radio station KUFO 101.1 FM in Portland Oregon, the show’s originating location, as well as on AM Stereo 1670 KROCKS ZPR, a Carrier Current AM radio station located in Casper Wyoming. The program can also be heard live online at http://krocksradioone.com starting at 10 PM Pacific time, every Sunday night.

Carrier Current is a technique used to transmit AM broadcast radio through the power lines. This method of broadcasting delivers the radio signal right into the listener’s home via the power utility drop and the electrical outlets in the home or place of business. In the past many colleges set up and ran carrier current stations to introduce radio broadcasting to students at a very low cost. These types of stations are also utilized by community groups to broadcast local interest programs usually not heard on regular commercial radio.

AM Stereo 1670 KROCKS ZPR is just such a station, using the power grid “Neutral” and “Ground” wires to distribute its signal at a low level directly to the target audience… right to their radios plugged into a power socket, or a portable radio within 90 feet of a power line or power utility pole.

A typical power grid system can consist of many small grids tied together and controlled through relay and switch-over sub stations.

The fact that the signal is applied to the “Neutral” and “Ground” wires of the power grid instead of the “HOT” wires allows the signal to go past the utility transformers seen on power poles. These neutral and ground wires can extend to cover an entire city.

Although the signal is applied to the power grid through a special coupling unit to provide the maximum signal injection onto the power system, the sheer size of a typical power grid system creates a massive low resistance load. This means that a lot of radio signal power must be generated to effectively send a signal down the entire grid system. The grid system itself becomes an “Inductive Antenna”. This inductive antenna can have a “footprint” size extending 20 miles or more.

This large footprint antenna, when injected with as little as 5 watts of radio frequency power, can send the signal to the furthest point of the power grid system as if the signal generator or transmitter was sitting right next to the listener’s receiver. The maximum power that can be injected into the power grid system as regulated by the FCC is 50 watts. With this much power, and an antenna that is proportional in size to the size of the grid itself, a station can produce a “equivalent” signal clarity as if that signal were transmitted by a conventional “tower” antenna from a central point by a full power 50,000 watt station. In effect, the power grid becomes a very large “HAARP” type array.

Although the power grid is never injected with 50,000 watts of signal, the grid can take a fraction of that amount of power and send that low level signal out as if it were a high powered signal like that from a high powered radio tower.

With the 100,000 watt FM signal from KUFO 101.1 in Portland Oregon, where the Ground Zero show originates, and the AM Stereo 1670 signal in Casper Wyoming, both stations will attempt to send out a synchronized “white noise” pulse in an effort to have both radio signals combine together in the ether, to speak to the dead!

There is no official record or documentation that can prove or disprove Edison’s experiment. However, he and many other early researchers such as Nikola Tesla knew that certain frequencies resonating together at high power levels could create a “channel” to communicate with the afterlife and other dimensions.

This coming Halloween night, at the stroke of 12 Midnight Pacific time, Clyde Lewis, with the assistance of David John Oates, founder of Reverse Speech, will make the same attempt to contact the dead and record any results as it happens, live on the radio.

If there ever is a reason to gather around the radio as was once done by many in the past, this is it! You never know who or what may be heard that night on your radio!

About Ground Zero Radio:
The Ground Zero Radio program can be heard in the Portland Oregon area by tuning in to KUFO FM 101.1, and in Casper Wyoming on AM Stereo 1670 KROCKS ZPR. The show can also be heard online at http://krocksradioone.com and http://zeropointradio.com starting at 10 PM Pacific time, when the experiment will be attempted at 12 Midnight. Don’t miss it!

About Clyde Lewis:
Radio personality Clyde Lewis is host and creator of Ground Zero, a talk radio show dealing with paranormal and parapolitical topics. The Ground Zero show began in 1995 as KULT Radio, and has been broadcast in several different incarnations ever since. His writings have been featured in UFO Magazine and Chris Fleming’s Unknown Magazine, and he has appeared on Sightings and Strange Universe. He has also appeared in the movies Nightfall, which he co-wrote with director Kevin Delullo; Cage in Box Elder; and Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger Part IV, in which he provided the voice of the Toxic Avenger. The Ground Zero web site is at http://groundzeromedia.org

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