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Third Book Released by NewView Options Company – Helps Writers Craft Engaging Topic Sentences

NewView Options believes there is a famine in the land, in terms of good instruction for writing topic sentences. That’s why they wrote and published their third book on writing, “The Secret DNA of Topic Sentences That Entice Readers”.

Provo, UT – October 16, 2010 (via PressReleasePivot.com) — NewView Options, an educational company, announced today the release of its third book on the art of writing (and teaching others how to write), The Secret DNA of Topic Sentences That Entice Readers.

Topic sentences are the sentences that begin a paragraph. The topic sentence should ideally be a summary and introduction to the rest of the paragraph. But – according to NewView Options – no-one is doing a very good job of teaching students how to write a topic sentence.

When asked about why the book was written, Bill Drew, CEO of NewView Options, said: “Because there is an epidemic need for competent instruction on writing topic sentences for essays. How do I know that? Because about fifty percent of all the readers of my fourteen articles on ezinearticles.com are reading my single article about topic sentences. There just isn’t any truly competent instruction, really – people are simply thirsty for good instruction on topic sentences.”

Drew went on to say that many textbook approaches to teaching topic sentences give a definition, show a few examples and explain how each topic sentence should relate to its paragraph, and then encourage students to go write some topic sentences on their own that look like the examples. “But these books don’t teach people how to use a process, based on solid principles, that shows precisely how to write a topic sentence,” Drew protested.

Very few textbooks explain there should be a relationship between the topic sentences and the thesis (what you believe and what you intend to prove), and that the topic sentences (along with each of their respective paragraphs in an essay) should support the thesis. Most books will offer some good examples to follow. “But,” Drew noted, “they rely so very heavily on examples. They somehow forget to tie it all to an underlying principle. The current crop of textbooks always neglects to teach a process for creating topic sentences, especially a process that creates new content. And that’s where our NewView approach ( http://secretdnaofwritingessays.com/writing-help/ ) really shines. Our approach is geared to ‘What’s new to the reader’. This is the NewView Principle that focuses on newness of content, not just traditional forms.”

Drew plans on publishing a series of Secret DNA of books that use his company’s NewView concept of writing and reading, including: The Secret DNA of Writing Advertising, The Secret DNA of Analyzing Novels, The Secret DNA of Shakespeare’s Plays, The Secret DNA of Introductions and Conclusions, The Secret DNA of Business Writing, and more.

Drew has published The Secret DNA of Analyzing Short Stories (available at Amazon.com for $4.00, and for $4.50 as a PDF e-book at http://secretdnaofwritingessays.com/buy-books ) and The Secret DNA of Writing Essays – And Everything Else (also available at Amazon.com, for $5.00, and at his company’s website, for $5.50). NewView Essay Services, his company’s computer program that automates the thesis-making process from the Writing Essays e-book, is available at http://bit.ly/SecretDNASoftware on a subscription basis for 3-, 6-, and 12-month terms ($15.50, $20.50, $30.50).

Drew has also authored a series of expert articles about his NewView concept and process, which can be found and accessed for free online at ezinearticles.com at http://ezinearticles.com/?expert_bio=William_Drew_Jr The list of articles is at the very bottom of the bio page.

About NewView Options:
Founded in 2008, NewView Options is a Provo, UT, firm specializing in the teaching and training of writing for beginning, intermediate, and advanced writers. The company is focused on promoting its proprietary NewView approach to writing, reading, analyzing, communicating, and teaching. NewView Options provides Educational Discount Rates for school districts. Call 1-801-373-0447, visit http://secretdnaofwritingessays.com/, or e-mail billdrew@richcontent.com for more information.

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