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Idea Filtration Guide for Medical School Personal Statement of Purpose Writing Released

Writing a medical school personal statement is a very important stage of the medical school application process. However, many applicants have a tough time writing their essay or even getting started. Medicalschoolapplicationessays.com has released a free resource on how to get ideas for your medical school application essay and completing the process.

Fullerton, CA – October 4, 2011 (via PressReleasePivot.com) — – There are many myths surrounding the medical school personal statement. The most common myth is that it does not really matter. According to this myth, what matters most are your MCAT scores and your college grades. While your numerical qualifications are important, they are not this positive. In situations where there is a tie between two applicants of the same general qualifications and within a range of numerical profiles, the person who turned in a more compelling medical school personal statement essay is given an advantage. This is not always the case, but it does work as a tiebreaker in many situations. Sometimes it is not even a tie. Again it works within ranges.

Communication through essay

The bottom line is admissions committees, whether it is in colleges, law schools, medical schools, MBA programs or graduate programs, are looking to admit real people. Real people have aspirations. They have dreams and they have hopes for the future. This information really is a collection of intangibles that summarizes the person. This information can be communicated not through grades, not through the MCAT score, but through the essay. This is why it is very important and it is worth your bother if you are applying to medical school.

Make a true impression

The second myth about medical school personal statement essay is that you need to be an award-winning writer or professional writer to come up with a good essay. “Nothing could be further from the truth,” said Lief Remilio, media relations officer for medicalschoolapplicationessays.com, the internet’s leading free source of medical school personal statement examples and essay writing guides.

“Admissions committees are not looking for really polished essays. They just need a competently put-together essay that clearly and coherently makes the case for why they should admit you to their medical school,” said Remilio. Medicalschoolapplicationessays.com has released a free resource that helps students get over the initial hurdle of coming up with topics for their medical school application essay. It also gives them tips and tricks on how to complete their essay. The free resource is located at http://www.medicalschoolapplicationessays.com/core-ideas-on-writing-a-medical-school-statement-of-purpose/

“There are many myths out there about the medical school application process. The bottom line is while grades and numerical qualifications are very important, you are a real person and admissions committees must get that impression from your admissions package. Ignore the personal statement at your peril.” This is according to Remilio.

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