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New Science Fiction Novel: Botboy, My Botboy, Examines Impact of Social Robotics on Society – PerfSciPress.com

PSIpress proudly announces the release of Botboy, my Botboy, an imaginative portrayal of the cultural impact of “social robots” entering into our society, creating a world where they become a major part of our personal lives. The book also explores the notion that resistance to social change is inevitable, and sometimes unexpected.

Portland, OR – July 30, 2010 (via PressReleasePivot.com) — PSIpress proudly releases author Julie O’Toole’s first book, Botboy, my Botboy. Ms. O’Toole imaginatively portrays the cultural impact of “social robots” entering into our society, creating a world where they become a facet of our personal lives, interact with our friends, tutor our children, and protect us from harm. Botboy, my Botboy also explores the notion that resistance to drastic social change is inevitable, and often comes from unexpected places.

Botboy, my Botboy is available as a 175 page paperback version for $14.99, a Kindle version for $12.99, a simple PDF download for $8.99, an EPUB version for $9.99 and can be purchased on the PSIpress website, as well as through Amazon and the iPad bookstore.

Give it a read: http://www.PerfSciPress.com

See Jamie Lee Curtis’ accolade below.

Is the world ready to embrace social robots? Robots so clever that they can understand your emotions, cook your favorite dinner, keep you safe at home, but most importantly keep you company when you feel lonely? Botboy, my Botboy tells the story of a widow who is bequeathed a very special and thoughtful gift – a robot named Botboy – by her late husband. She and her Botboy experience remarkable adventures in a world that is half ready, yet half terrified to accept the insertion of robots into society.

So begins Grace’s journey from a quiet, reclusive life to the world stage, advocating social robotics as a way to help elderly and disabled people gain independence. Her robot also becomes of unexpected interest to the government, specifically the military.

Botboy, my Botboy is a suspenseful tale that explores the nature of consciousness, love, and indeed what it means to die.

“As is with all great works of science fiction, as we have seen and experienced recently with the movie Avatar (2009), there is a mix of compelling character study and scientific fact in a driving narrative that grips your heart and mind. Botboy, my Botboy is such a great work.”
– Jamie Lee Curtis, New York Times best-selling author and Golden Globe winning actress

About the author:
Dr. Julie O’Toole attended Reed College and the University of Washington, then received her MD from The Technical University in Aachen, Germany. She completed her pediatric training in Honolulu, Hawaii. On the side she is a botanist, gardener, and writer. She currently practices medicine in Oregon, while engaging in important eating-disorder research with colleagues around the world.

About PSIpress:
PSIpress is a new, wholly independent publisher. Our mission is to help members of the science-minded community realize their full potential as published authors, and to help them enjoy the process. We take pride in the quality of our books, placing a great deal of emphasis on personal contact with our authors to ensure a successful publishing experience.

For further details on Botboy, my Botboy please visit http://www.PerfSciPress.com or call 503-724-8656.

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