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Being Fit and Healthy Made Easy with Weight Loss Recipes from DietRecipe.org

DietRecipe.org has been launched to fulfill the need for healthful, appetizing weight loss solutions. The site is a comprehensive diet recipe resource that provides healthy, good-tasting recipes designed to help people lose weight.

Venice, FL – March 23, 2010 (PressReleasePivot) — Is your daily diet helping you or hurting you in your attempt to win the battle of the bulge? Many weight loss enthusiasts become obsessive about their diets, in their struggle to shed unwanted pounds. Finally, a website has been developed to assist with two objectives: to prepare delicious, healthy food, and help dieters to lose weight.

A new web site, DietRecipe.org, has been launched to fulfill the need and demand for a healthful, appetizing weight loss solution. The site went online in February 2010, and was immediately welcomed by thousands of weight loss enthusiasts. Numerous health and recipe researchers have teamed up to contribute to the site at http://www.DietRecipe.org, making it a comprehensive diet recipe resource that provides healthy, good-tasting recipes designed to help people lose weight.

Jocelyn Julie, a chief researcher and staff writer for DietRecipe.org, notes that “There are hundreds of myths and outright lies related to healthy weight loss, and our job is to help people find the healthy, tasty recipes that suit their lifestyle.”

Weight gain and obesity are serious problems. With such a glut of information cluttering the media how can a person who is genuinely interested in healthy weight loss find weight loss recipes that are right for them?

DietRecipe.org was founded with one simple objective in mind: to help people find flavorful, healthy recipes that make it easier to lose weight.

Unfortunately, our world is full of unhealthy foods that do more harm than good. Advances in science have led to new ways to diet, but one thing is always true – the hardest parts of losing weight is finding delicious, healthful food and then sticking to the diet and maintaining one’s weight loss.

“Our objective is to help weight loss enthusiasts worldwide jump-start their diets and vastly improve their diet results,” said Ms. Julie.

The company’s website – http://www.DietRecipe.org – is composed of thousands of great recipes that have created positive results for people struggling with weight loss.

Dieters who have a favorite diet recipe are invited to visit http://www.DietRecipe.org to contribute those foods and recipes that have helped them to lose weight.

About DietRecipe.org
DietRecipe.org was launched in February 2010, as a portal for dieters world-wide. Visitors are invited to stop by http://www.DietRecipe.org to browse the many delicious diet recipes on the site. Users can register for free and submit their own favorite diet recipes.

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