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Hotels Pakistan – The first dedicated portal for Pakistan Hotels & Travel Tips

A new blog has been launched for the people interested in Pakistan hotels and tourism industry, promising to feature the latest news on hotels, resorts and other traveling tips for the people moving in or traveling to Pakistan.

Islamabad, Pakistan – February 21, 2010 (PressReleasePivot) — Pakistan gets all sorts of visitors even when the tourism industry has suffered badly because of some problems that exist (and because lots of negative publicity that amplifies these problems). But those who’ve visited this region will agree that the region and its residents are far from being hostile, in fact many foreigners feel pleasantly surprised when they roam around on streets and experience the hospitality of locals. Apart from the dynamic and happening places like Lahore, Karachi or Islamabad, Pakistan has got probably some of the most spectacular places on earth. Ask those who had been to places like Kaghan Valley, Hunza or Nanga Parbat and they’ll rate these places among the most beautiful places they’ve ever been, in terms of scenic beauty.

Those who are visiting Pakistan for a short period of time often look around for hotels or resorts with world class services. Pakistan has got plenty of five star hotels in all of its major cities, along with these top notch hotels, there are many reasonably priced hotels that offer first rate services at pretty affordable rates. When it comes to hotels, everybody has different requirements and budgets to start with. Also, people often look for some specific features like the location or surroundings. Now anyone can visit this website to see the hotel details, reviews, posts, and special offers. The website is entirely dedicated to hotels in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Murree hotels.

Despite of global recession and all sorts of troubles, Pakistan is still a lucrative market for multi national companies. People visit this part of the world for business purposes, to visit some of its hill stations or any other purposes. The blog is a good addition for both the tourists and hotels, where visitors can find a hotel that suits their requirement, also Pakistan hotels can share there special offers or salient features with the readers. The website will also be talking about all up coming projects. The blog is seemingly a neutral one as it does not try to lure people by bringing up fake stories and rumors, which makes it an excellent source to get information about Pakistan hotel rates, reservation links, upcoming hotels in Pakistan and the latest statistics from the hotel and tourism industry. The blog allows its visitors to comment and share their personal experiences, so even if you don’t agree with some particular review, you can always share your thoughts.

For More Information: http://www.hotels-pakistan.com

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